Devin Haub Real Estate Team
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I respond quick and love the art of negotiating.
Terry Bailey
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I Respond Quicky!
Aaron Craig
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Anthony Kingsford
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Alyssa Perry
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I respond quickly!
Tami Schall
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I love working with people! I also love beautiful homes of all shapes and sizes. Passion for getting to know you and find whats most important to you, makes real estate the perfect job for me!
Real Estate is my full time career and your success is my goal! With nearly 5 years experience, I have 4 1/2 years experience~ 2.5 years in the re-sale market and 2 years working with a builder. I can help get you to a builder that fits what you want or help find an existing home you love! Outside work... I have been married for 35 years, have 3 grown kids and 7 grandchildren to spoil. We love the outdoors, and think Utah is the perfect place to live and play!

I'd love to help you find the next place you call home!
Cindy Schonberger
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I Respond Quickly!